Cheongju Downtown South Korea 3d model

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Accurate 3D city model and its surrounding area based on GIS data Year 2022

Files Included:

  • Downtown : 7km


  • Base satellite texture setup only in Cinema 4D
  • Satellite/map texture is included
  • Made in cinema 4d and Ready to render in standard renderer
  • Stroked building, Trees (mograph cloner), Water Effect and Stroked Roads are only in cinema 4d file
  • No Plugins used
  • Low Poly
  • Royalty free model
  • Polygons: 5m+ in big cities
  • Layers: Building, roads, routes, amenity, leisure, landuse, natural, water, man made, railway/train, aeroway etc.


  • C4D – Cinema 4d (Native)
  • 3DM- Rhino
  • 3DS – 3ds Max
  • DXF – CAD Format 3D
  • FBX – Exchange Format
  • OBJ – Exchange Format
  • STL – 3D Printing


  • Suitable for Games, Architecture, Walkthrow animation etc.
  • Mainly used for town and urban planning, real estate etc.
  • Education and learning purposes.
  • Note: Some city we used our own AI tool to generate buildings, therefore shapes may be little varied from original
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Cheongju Downtown South Korea 3d model

0 ratings
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